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sun poured


Sun Poured is an art based idea working with colors that remind one of summer and working with words that remind us to take care of ourselves.

To learn more about the meaning behind ‘ Sun Poured’ keep scrolling!


If you know me at all, it is no secret that I am oddly obsessed with the sun. I love basking in it, I love the streams it can create when bouncing off a wall, I love how bright it can make a white room and lastly - I love how it makes me feel. When the sun is hiding, I am off. Now, I know it is a little crazy to rely on something so heavily to make my day great from the start, but it's true. However - I do find myself appreciating it more when it has been absent for a few days.  We need those cloudy days to remind us why we need to be the sun ourselves.

Sun Poured might be just a name on a instagram most of y'all see - but Sun Poured to me is something I try to live out daily. There are very few things that are able to make me happier than sitting in a room with the sun pouring in and creating something new. When I create, in whatever way that looks like that day, I always strive to be in the best head space. Creating for Sun Poured is more than a few strokes, a VSCO edit and a 'click to post' tap. 

Sun Poured goes hand in hand with aspiring to be a beam of light. And that is exactly what I want it to be for those who encounter it. A beam of light. Matthew 5:16 says that, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."  

At first, Sun Poured was just meant to be a place for me to share and sell prints. But it quickly turned into a community and a place for me to be vulnerable, share the good news, and my most favorite comfort space. From the beginning I knew that I wanted Sun Poured to be known for its uplifting energy, honesty and daily feel good scroll by. But with that - life can get in the way, school loads get heavier and my priorities tend to slip. I am revamping Sun Poured so that it can be exactly what I feel like it should be. A light. A light that poures into your day, your feed, or just a photo with a feel good caption that passes. With all this being said, Sun Poured is planned to be more blog heavy, photography enhanced, Jesus helped, and of course art based. SooooO basically a Sun Poured that is placed high on the priority list and carefully cared for.

I am extremely excited to start this new journey and grow with this little creation plan that has been on my heart. However - I am more excited to see how the Lord can speak through me to be the light that I wish so deeply for Sun Poured to be. I can not thank everyone that has been a part of this journey with me from day one enough. Thank you - thank you - thank you. 

Let's get this light a shining!