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Twenty Seventeen

There is absolutely no way that I am the only person out there that feels as if 2016 was the fastest year yet. I can also assure myself that I am not the only one out there that this year, wasn't 'my' year. That is OK. Not every year can be 'our' year. Aside from that, I have never been one to hold back, and I am not going to hold back the fact that this year kicked my butt. A lot of trials, and a lot of tests, a lot of times full of questions and dead-ends. But also, a lot of realizations, and a lot of moments full of joy and peace. Life is not easy, nobody has ever led me to believe that, and I appreciate that. Life is messy, life is complicated, it is meant to be that way. We are sinners, and we are learners. I hope to learn from 2016, and apply absolutely everything I have learned to this upcoming year. It is page 3 of 365, and if that isn't the most refreshing feeling, I am not sure what is.

'New Year, New Me' has never appealed to me. The idea of becoming someone absolutely new and improved after a clock hits 12, has never sat well with me. However, I do believe in lessons, and working towards a better version of yourself. 

I have created three 'resolutions' or whatever you want to call it, for this upcoming year. Three seperate issues I deal with daily, and ways I can handle them better than I have in the past. We are all human, and we all have things we need to work on, can we not hide that for a second? I am not going to hide it, and even if I wanted to, I am really bad at hiding it. So bad at hiding it, that I wrote them down on separate papers/cards to remind myself that I can and will do better. 


It is very easy to overlook daily accomplishments. It is very easy to forget to remind yourself how well you are doing. Maybe I woke up 20 minutes earlier than usual so I could have time to actually eat breakfast. Maybe I actually went to the class that doesn't count attendance and learned something new. Or maybe, I just had a really great day and that should be recognized. I struggle with comparison, as an art student I am being compared to other students daily. I forget to recognize my unique qualities and skills, sometimes I forget to count what was good rather than what was bad.

This year is going to be the year of victories, small or huge, they matter. 


I am very good at being busy. I am very good at keeping busy. I am not very good at slowing down. The Sunday day that consists of my friends going home to do laundry, a quiet house, and nothing on the 'to do' list. These days are my hard days. These days make me want to drive 10 hours home, these days make me cringe. I am not good at accepting the quiet. 

This is the year I stop the glorification of busy. Close the tabs, stop looking ahead, and enjoy the simplicity. 


 ob·sess / verb   preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

ob·sess /verb

preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

Woah. Wouldn't that be a really neat experience to know someone who was so grateful that is was to a 'troubling extent'? Something about that, there is something about the idea of that, that makes me really curious. It creates a drive in me to look at nearly everything differently. Going into this year, I have already so many aspects of my life to be grateful for. I think that sometimes the idea of a 'new year' we tend to look into the future too much, and forget what we are going into the year with. 

This is the year of knowing what I have, and appreciating the hell out of it. The year of loving every breath I take, and recognizing the good in the hardest of times. 


What is this year for you? Please comment some of your new year hopes, and/or what you like to do throughout the year to remind yourself of them!


Karber Christmas